Make Memories Last A Lifetime

Represent the life and passions of your loved one with a personalized memorial bench. Premier Memorial Benches takes care to create handcrafted personalized memorial benches that are as beautiful as they are durable. 


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Process for ordering a premier memorial bench

Ordering Process

Tell us what you'd like the memorial bench to look like. All forms of ideas are accepted: hand written text and pictures, computer generated designs, text explanations, and pictures. Taking your needs into consideration, our designers will create a 3D rendering of the design so you can see exactly what the finished product will look like. First time memorial bench buyer? No problem, we can work with you to help make the decision process easier. To learn more about the ordering process, click here.

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Solid Construction

Memories should last a lifetime. That's why we take the steps necessary to ensure the highest quality and durability of products.

One sheet of steel: Each memorial bench is made from a solid piece of steel that is bent into shape. This process ensures strength of the product and durability over time.
Full welds: All welds are done fully. Doing so protects the personalized memorial bench against rust and corrosion.
Laser cutting: Once a 3D design is created and approved by the customer, it is sent to our laser cutting machine. Intricate details are no problem for this high powered machine. Its high capabilities make even the most detailed designs a piece of cake.
Sandblasting: To prepare the bench for a powder coating application, it is abrasively sandblasted. The sandblasting process is pivotal to a successful surface preparation and the longevity of the powder coating. It fulfills two important functions: cleans the metal of all impurities and increases the surface area. Sandblasting creates preaks and valleys on the surface of the metal, allowing for a stronger bond between the substrate and the coating.
Priming: Once the surface is clean from impurities through sandblasting, a primer coat is applied. This process unifies the coloration and ensures that the powder coating pigmentation will be of the highest grade.
Powder Coating: Powder coating is one of the strongest forms of bonding paint to a product. This tough powder coating will protect your personalized memorial bench against harsh weather conditions, scratches, and wear that can occur over time. With the protection of powder coating your bench can stay looking new for years to come.
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Customize Your Order

Different customers have different needs and that's why there's nothing cookie cutter about our memorial benches. Our customization process allows you to choose the powder coating color, length, and inscription size. Don't see your favorite color listed below? No problem, our powder coating specialist has over 100 different colors available, to help you find the perfect shade.

Arched Memorial Bench Color Selection
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Shop our selection of memorial bench options and customize your design by clicking the button above. For additional help, call our support line at (208) 356-3263. All calls are responded to quickly and returned within one business day.

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