Represent Your Loved One’s Life With A Work Of Art

Memorialize your loved one with an amazing bench that is worth putting their name on. The Arched Maple gives you a classic, smooth look that compliments the beauty of your landscape design. The beauty of the Arched Maple bench is matched by the durability you’ll find from the continuous singular piece steel construction, full seam welds, and long-lasting powder coated tough finish.





Proven Process

We take the opportunity to represent your loved one through our product seriously. At Premier Memorial Benches, we make the best because that is exactly what your loved ones deserve. Each of our pieces go through our proven fabrication process. Every memorial bench is made from a single sheet of steel to decrease the total number of welds.


All welds are done fully to ensure longevity and to protect against the rust and corrosion that can occur from fabrication methods that utilize overlapping materials. Once welding is completed, sandblasting takes place. Skipping this step will yield a bench that won’t survive the elements or public abuse. We sandblast your bench to the SSPC-SP 5/NACE standard white finish, which means it is free of all visible oil, grease, dust, dirt, mill scale, rust, coating, oxides, corrosion products, and other foreign matter.  Your memory deserves to endure.


From that clean surface, we then epoxy prime the product to get your bench ready for a even and highly pigmented coloration. Our priming process increases the benches resistance to corrosion and rust, protects against salt spray, and improves the color. The final step in the fabrication process is to apply your chosen powder coating to your bench. Our specialists skillfully apply the powder coating to protect the product from weathering, scratches, and corrosion while allowing it to retain a beautiful luster for years to come.


Customize Your Bench With a Personalized Inscription

Personalize the Arched Maple with a laser cutout of your loved one’s name, favorite quote, portrait, or dates on the back rest. Coming up with the perfect design isn’t always easy when you work at it alone. We have a team of designers ready to help you come up with the perfect layout for your memorial bench. Give us a call if you aren’t sure where to start, and we will help make this process simple and easy.

What was your loved one’s passion? Bring that to life with customized artwork and text. Each bench is handcrafted and designed to your unique specifications. Choose the bench length, color, engraving size, and more.

Make your selection from over 100 different colors and finishes. Our standard colors are displayed above. Additional colors and veined effects are available upon request.


Take advantage of the various options in bench length, style, and finish to tailor your bench to your budget. Premier Memorial Benches offers a variety of pricing points to meet every budget. Four, six, and eight foot benches are available. Additionally, you may select an inscription size ranging from two to six feet.

Four feet in length starting at $1235.57                     Six feet in length starting at $1485.05                    Eight feet in length starting at $1734.54


Inscription prices are determined on intricacy of the design and size. We take the time to make certain that your design comes to life and that it is laser-cutting compatible. A complimentary two foot laser cutout is offered for basic text-only designs. For the most accurate pricing on inscriptions, however, contact us at to discuss your personalized design.


Attention To Detail

At Premier Memorial Benches we understand  the importance of details. They can make the difference between a good and a great product. Each of our benches are laser cut to reflect even the tinniest details. Each foot is made from stainless steel to stop rust before it starts at the contact points. With 6″ wedge concrete anchors securing the memorial bench you’ll never have to worry about a moving or wiggly bench again. From top to bottom, every part of a memorial bench is important, and we’ve engineered these benches to be exactly what you hope them to be.

Let’s Get Started

At Premier Memorial Benches we offer the chance to memorialize your loved one with a bench worthy of their name. Take a moment to view the idea gallery to get your creative juices flowing on how we can best represent the life they lived, and what they stood for. Then give us a call at (208) 356-3263 to discuss your ideas. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your trust and your business.