Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean when you say the benches have no overlapping materials or surfaces?

Small gaps are created when two pieces of metal overlap. If the overlap is not fully welded, then our special powder coating will not penetrate the gaps and provide a weather resistant seal. Overtime the small gaps will collect water that will begin to eat away at the metal. Rust and corrosion will soon materialize, and the state of the bench will be weakened. To eliminate the possibility of rust or corrosion happening, our memorial benches are produced from a single sheet of steel with the use of a CNC laser. Then, using a CNC press brake, our team bends the metal into the desired shape.

You advertise that you have eliminated many welds and that the welds you do have are full welds. Why is this important? 

Partial or “tack” welds are the most commonly used welding techniques in the site furniture industry. The greater the number of partial welds you have on a memorial bench, the greater the chance of corrosion. As stated above, partial welds produce a gap that is not properly powder coated in the finishing process, allowing water to enter and rust to develop. Full welds seal the seam completely. The powder coat can properly adhere and the risk of rust is greatly reduced.

What is so special about your sandblast, prime, and powder coat process? 

Our Memorial Benches are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated to produce a long-lasting bench. Sandblasting removes all impurities by blasting it down to the bare metal. The fine, white sand creates ridges and valleys that help the primer adhere to the metal. The primer seeps into the ridges and valleys and provides a long-lasting protection against water and corrosion. The powder coat is then baked at 400 degrees. This creates a perfect seal around welds and surface metal. Our powder coat is available in twelve custom colors ranging in intensities and textures.

What is the benefit of steel contact points?

Using steel contact points guarantees that our benches won‘t rust from the bottom up, even if the contact points are scuffed or scraped during installation.

You mean I customize my memorial bench’s color, size, and inscription? 

That’s right. At Premier Memorial Benches we have special lasers that can laser cut quotes, scenery, pictures, descriptions, etc. directly into the back of the steel bench. We believe in creating a memorial bench that is special to you and your loved one. Our team of designers will work with you from the initial design to the finished product to produce a one-of-a-kind memorial bench.

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