memorial bench sayings

Memorial Bench Sayings

What you decide to put on a loved one’s memorial bench should be personal and representative of their life. Many people struggle with finding the right thing to say. If you’re at a standstill about what inscription to get on a loved one’s bench, we are here to help. This gallery displays previous work by Premier Memorial Benches and will allow you to easily see just how versatile our laser cutter is and give you ideas for memorial bench sayings.


Have you thought of trying these memorial bench sayings or ideas?

  • Scenic picture of where they lived or grew up
  • A symbol in their native tongue
  • “In loving memory of (their name)” with their birth and death dates
  • Religious quote or symbol
  • Profile picture of the deceased
  • Outline of their favorite hobby or animal
  • Outline of a family portrait
  • Quote that they said often

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memorial bench sayings