memorial benches at parks

When you walk into a jewelry store do you tell the jeweler that you want the cheapest, low quality diamond ring they have? Absolutely not. Instead, you browse their selection of diamonds in hopes of finding the best one for the best price. That’s how you should feel about memorial benches. The memorial benches at parks you see are not all created equal, and that’s why we’re here to teach you about the cut, color, and clarity of memorial benches.


The first thing every person needs to know is that there are two different styles of bench: arched and classic. The Arched style is just as it sounds, A bench with an arched backrest. This style seems to be the more popular choice of memorial benches at parks these days. The Classic style is a more simple form with a flat backrest. However, each has the option of a customized logo. Depending on which park your memorial bench goes in, could determine which style you want.

classic style of memorial benches at parks

The second thing you should know is color. Every bench can be customized to the color of your choice. Some websites will initially offer a few color samples to peak your interest, but don’t be fooled, they have many different options.


Finally, the most important thing to remember is the finish. Powder Coating is the most durable way to finish a bench. In more simple terms, it takes the color you chose and bakes it onto the bench. Some companies just spray on the color and put a finish over it, but powder coating proves to be much more durable. It prevents the color from chipping off and acts like a sealant to prevent moisture buildup, which would lead to rust for most memorial benches at parks.

powder coating for memorial benches at parks


The next time you go to purchase a memorial bench, remember that you don’t have to stick to the traditional, boring bench. Ideas for memorial benches at parks should start with style, color, and finish. Each one makes a huge difference in the life and enjoyment of the memorial bench.

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