Ordering Process for Premier Memorial Benches


Ordering a memorial bench for the first time can seem overwhelming and confusing. At Premier Memorial Benches, we aim to eliminate all confusion and anxiety. Through using easy-to-understand steps and amazing customer support staff, the ordering process for a memorial bench is a piece of cake. Continue reading below to see just how easy the ordering process is. 


We encourage all customers to explore other brands of memorial benches. You’ll soon find that our attention to detail makes our products more durable and beautiful than all other products on the market. From thicker steel parts that avoid rusting, to complete priming and powder coating for color payoff unlike any other brand, we pay attention to each step to give a fantastic result. 

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Exploring Your Options

Now’s the time to decide what you want your memorial bench to look like. Premier offers two styles of memorial benches: arched (with a rounded back), and classic (with a straight back). Once you’ve picked the style that best fits your needs, you can explore powder coating colors, lengths, and inscription sizes. If at any point you have a question about which bench would best fit your needs, call (208) 356- 3263 to talk to customer support staff with years of experience.

Requesting A Quote

Submitting your order is as easy as clicking “Shop Online” and selecting the memorial bench you like best. Then click, “Request a quote.” Once  your form is filled out a custom support staff will call to confirm your selection. At this point, you can submit ideas for your memorial bench in any of the following formats: designed DWF or DWG, PDF, photograph, hand sketch, or text.

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3D Rendering & Approval

No matter your artistic level, our designers will create a 3D rendering of what your bench will look like for your approval. This step is completely free to our customers to ensure that you’ll love the finished product.

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From start to finish, each detail of making your memorial bench is of the most importance. First, steel is cut by laser to the exact size and inscription preference you indicated. Next, a CNC bender molds the single sheet of metal into your bench’s shape. At this point, all attachments of steel are fully welded by trained professionals. The bench is then sandblasted to remove any imperfections on the metal. Next, it is primed and powder coated to your color preference. After a unique baking process that thoroughly adheres the powder coating to the metal, a quality assurance test is performed to make sure all parts look great.


Your new memorial bench is shipped right to your door for your family and friends to enjoy for a lifetime. Ready to get started on a new memorial bench? Click the button below to begin the ordering process for your memorial bench today.

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